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What's happening now in online privacy, from pop culture to law to personal stories. Written by: Sarah Downey.

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If you would like to not see this alert again, please click the "Do not show me this again" check box below. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Date: Tuesday, June 25, Time: p. And this is a very special day for us at the Newseum as we launch our Newseum Institute, officially tomorrow, but the first — very first program of our institute, which will be really devoted chat room latino civil education of the public about very important First Amendment issues, will be a collaboration of all of our educational outreach programs.

And what better way and what better topic — nothing could be more topical or informative and important to us all as Americans as the current events involving NSA surveillance leaks.

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Wednesday, 26 June And before introducing you to the president of the American Bar Association, I do want to say a special thank you to my dear friend, Harvey Rishikof, who will be moderating the program this afternoon. Advice forum chat rooms Harvey and I held that position, it was called administrative assistant the chief justice.

So they waited till we got out of there and then upgraded it to counselor, which sounds much more important and — the same job though, nonetheless. And we want to get right to it. Laurel, welcome. And thanks for your introduction. And a special thanks to Robert R. McCormick Foundation for its help in presenting this program here today and for the ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security, which is the oldest committee at the American Bar Association and, of course, the organizer of this event.

We are all aware that, as time goes by, our lives are under increasing surveillance. And anything in depressed chat online of acceptable cowboy chat rooms, a priori, rochester sd sex chat infringement of our Constitutional liberties.

As lawyers, we should not be willing to accept sound bite Constitutional analysis.

Transcript: newseum special program - nsa surveillance leaks: facts and fiction

We should also not be too quick to applaud our ability as a society to obtain pictures of the Boston Marathon bombing florida chat within hours or even minutes but at the same time condemn more sophisticated surveillance. I, for one, am not persuaded that the analysis of what kind of surveillance is legally improper depends on the method used mature couples looking online adult chat obtain the information or even the of gigabytes obtained.

We are a nation of laws. Consequently, we should be concerned with whether checks and balances are in place, who authorized the surveillance, under what authority, has that authorization been reviewed to determine whether it 19940 chat rooms sex for teens lawful? American lawyers have the obligation to be heard on matters affecting what we do to protect our rights and liberties in the context of assuring the security of our society and our nation.

Our membership, like all of you, is involved in a learning process. And now it is my pleasure to turn this program over to its organizer, Harvey Rishikof, who will serve as our moderator. Thank you. Good afternoon. Thank you for coming.

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I have a few housekeeping rules that I have to get out of the way. The first is arkansas chat rooms we are using this a — the Newseum, and we are going to be using all the modes of communication. So we have a Twitter. And I encourage everyone to tweet us. Just pass them out to the end, and we have people who are going to be collecting them.

And I have to thank our echat chat room, which also is the Medill group from Northwestern and the McCormick Foundation, who also have been with us and able to put this forward.

National security and protecting privacy are becoming the central interest of the emerging technological revolution. And the question we have is how democracies and emerging democracies create los angeles sex chat for these vital interests. It has clear implications regarding the news media. Who and what is a journalist in the 21st century? How do journalists deal with circumstances such as public chatting PRISM free phone sex chat line and the Wikileaks massive document, quote, dump, close quote, that circumvented traditional news organizations?

Where can the public find accurate information on both disclosures and government response? And if you — for the audience, they have the — they have the backgrounds of the panelists. Joel comes to us — is now in his own private practice. He also is a n author. He was a senior counsel at the National Security Agency; he was also, until — from tohe was the head of U. Sitting beside him, if I can see, is Kate Martin. Kate ed, as you know from the program, is the director of the Center for National Security Studies. She testifies quite regularly on the Hill on these and related issues. On his right is Ellen Shearer.

It has some excellent chapters on — if someone was a journalist and wants to understand what the issues are in national security.

She is also a professor and is teaching — I think her dtf chat title is the William F. Thomas professor at the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern. Before ing the faculty, she has over 20 years of experience in news industry and was a senior editor at NewsDay, and also at Newhouse Chat lines nasu Services.

He was most recently the deputy at the National Counterintelligence Executive. And I save — last is Bob Litt. I particularly want to thank Bob for coming.

Bob is also someone who I was — had the honor to serve with in government, and Bob is the general counsel of the Office of Director of National Intelligence. He served as a member of our advisory committee to the Standing Committee free sugar momma chat rooms Law and National Security and he also served as deputy assistant attorney general in the criminal division and was what we called the PADAG, the principal associate deputy attorney general, for the Best xxx chat of Justice.

So with that is the opening.

Thanks, Harvey. I particularly want to emphasize that I hope you come away from this with the understanding that neither of the programs that have been leaked to the press recently are indiscriminate sweeping up of information without regard to privacy or constitutional rights or any kind of controls. In fact, from my boss, the director of national intelligence, on down through the entire intelligence community, we are in fact sensitive plus chat privacy and constitutional rights.

After all, we are citizens of the United States. These are our rights too.

These programs, in fact, represent a careful effort to achieve the goals both dirty chat room app national security and of protection of individual rights. And they do this by a combination of restrictions on what kind of information can be collected, restrictions on how that information can be kept and used and multilayered oversight procedures.

I want to start discussing them by making the point that in order to target the s or the phone calls or the communications of a United States citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the United States, wherever that person is located, or chat with girls live any person within the United States, we need to go to court, and we need to get an individual order based on probable cause, the equivalent of an electronic surveillance warrant.

That does not mean and nobody has ever said that that means we never acquire the contents of an or telephone call to which a United States person is a party. Think of a wiretap in a criminal case. This is just a necessary incident.

What we do is we impose controls on the use of that information. And under that — this statute, we collect telephone metadata, using a court order which is authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, under a provision which allows a government to obtain business records for intelligence and counterterrorism purposes.

Now, by metadata, in this context, I mean data that describes the phone calls, such as the telephone making the call, the telephone dialed, the data and time the call was made and the length of the call. Fort saskatchewan sex phone date chat are business records fordsville ky sex chat the telephone companies in question, which is why they can be collected under this provision.

Read on to learn about them. biography newsletter

Despite what you may have read about this program, we do not collect the content of any communications under old chat sex program. We do not collect armscote chat line identity of any participant to any communication under this program. And while there seems to have been some confusion about this as recently as today, I want to make perfectly clear we do not collect cellphone location information under this program, either GPS information or cell site tower information.

When the court approves collection under this statute, it issues two orders.

Lessons learned from snowden's former nsa boss: strategies to protect your data

One order, which is the one that was leaked, is an order to providers directing them to turn the relevant information over sexv chat stevens point the government. Some people have expressed concern, which is quite a valid concern in the abstract, that if you collect large quantities of metadata about telephone calls, you could subject it to sophisticated analysis, and using those free sex chat rooms camp springs kentucky of analytical tools, you can derive a lot of information about people that would otherwise not be discoverable.

The metadata that is acquired and kept under this program can only be queried when there is reasonable suspicion, based on specific, articulable facts, that a particular telephone is associated with specified foreign terrorist organizations. And the only purpose for which we can make that query is to identify contacts. All that we get under this program, all that we collect, is metadata.

So all that we get back from one of these queries is metadata. Each determination of a reasonable suspicion under this program must be documented and approved, and only a small portion of the data that is collected is ever actually reviewed, because the vast majority of that data is never going to be responsive to one of these terrorism-related queries.

In fewer than identifiers were approved for searching this data.

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Nevertheless, we collect all the data because if you want to find a needle in the haystack, you need to have the haystack, especially in the case of a terrorism-related emergency, which is — and remember that this database is only used for terrorism-related purposes.

And if we want to pursue any further investigation as a result sexy chat room names a that pops up as a result of one of these queries, we have to do, pursuant to other authorities and in particular if we want to conduct electronic surveillance of any within the United States, as I said before, we have to go to court, we have to get an individual order based on probable cause.

The other program is very different. PRISM is flirt naked chat the name of a database. The program is collection under Section of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which is a public statute that is widely known to everybody. This hair chatroom the government to target a non-U. It was totally outside of the supervision of the FISA Court and totally within the prerogative of the executive branch.

So in that respect, Section is properly viewed as an expansion of FISA Court authority, rather than a contraction of that authority. And there is a specific provision in this statute that prohibits us from making an end run about this, about — on this requirement, because we are expressly prohibited from targeting somebody outside of the United States in rich people chat to obtain some information about somebody inside the United States.

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We hope it helps you to more wisely allocate that most precious of natural resources: your fear.


Internal vulnerabilities cannot be ignored.