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Friend and room mate

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Friend and room mate

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By Rachel Chapman June 15, Moving in with your best friend may sound like a dream come true, but it can fiend be a challenge I lived with my best friend in college. We got along so well that we decided to move in together once we graduated. No one told us living together in college was very different than living together in the real world.

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23 of the best damn tips for living with roommates

We got along so well that we decided to move in together once we graduated. She had wanted me to go out with a mutual friend of ours but I insisted that I wasn't interested, which made her very upset that night.

But mte you were already friends, it'll be even worse, and I wish you a LOT of luck! You may think your best friend will understand that you're a bit of a slob, but she's just like any roommate you've had before, and that won't fly if she's super organized. One time, I dropped by the apartment in between the work day to take my dog out, and his girlfriend was using my sewing machine to make mermaid-like hair extensions.

We all thought that living together would be a great idea, we were such great friends after all, but living with someone is a lot different than being friends with someone.

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I obliged — even though it meant a much longer commute to work, less privacy, and kind of a random neighborhood. You could even become better BFFs, because now you know each other on a different level -- you just can't live together.

By Rachel Chapman June 15, Moving in with your best friend may sound like rokm dream come true, but it can also be a challenge These are the things you have to learn to deal with it, and hopefully laugh about later. For weeks, there were tumbleweeds of blue and purple hair rolling across my wood floors with every breeze.

Living with a roommate: 10 tips for a good roommate relationship

But it totally ruined our friendship. Sure, your roommate-to-be might tell you they are a clean person, and their idea of clean might be very different than yours.

I then lived alone since moving in with my boyfriend. Instead, go into the situation with an open mind. I'm sure year-old immature me didn't help the situation either. She ended up renewing the lease and I decided to move out — because she renewed, the apartment complex wouldn't give us our deposit back. If you continue this now that you live together, you'll have zero time friiend.

Birthday wishes for roommate - happy birthday wisher

When we weren't roommates, we had the BEST time together. No one told us living together in college was very different than living together in the real world.

The whole time I lived there, I lived in renovations as they prepped for my departure. Then she proceeded to yell at me about my relationship status.

After all, just because you know somebody inside and out as a friend, you rom know them as someone you live with. As roommates, our relationship fizzled. Luckily, I was able to find an awesome roommate who went to school with me and just moved to the area, so it all worked out in the end!

We had come back from a night out at the bars and I was on my phone. My friend we're still friends! It wasn't until my dog coughed up a large cotton candy-colored hairball that I had to put my foot down. So our communal space became HER space, and that wasn't right. After that night, she didn't friejd get that I had no interest in being her friend. But then the singing started I kicked them both out and just ate the cost of rent until my lease ended.

It's best to leave your friends where they are now — NOT as roommates; at least, if you want Gates OR sexy women keep them as friends! Cleanliness, the ability to spend money responsibly, respect for other people's space and belongings — these are all make-or-break life skills that can ruin a roommate situation and a friendship.

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I went from loving her singing to hating it! We seemed to get on each other's nerves a lot, which led to a lot of passive-aggressive behavior. However, you may hear that's mzte not the case. Your best friend may need some alone time, too, just like I'm sure you do.

She claimed she was being nice, but, by the end of it, I felt like I could only hang out in my room. One of my roommates, let's call her Elizabeth, was the one that I really had issues with. We became like an old married couple — but without any of the romantic perks. If I asked her to keep it down on a Saturday, it would upset her, and she would take it out on me by getting upset at me Moldova milfs want sex walking around the apartment late at night.

You really have to know what you're getting into before ing that lease.

Eight ways to truly become friends with your flatmate

mwte Spending so much time together at home made our outings movies, dinner, shopping together less exciting, fun, and enjoyable overall. Just because they make a very good friend does not mean they'll make a very good roommate. We even made her a 'singing schedule,' but then she'd say how she hadn't practiced enough the day before, or she had a big audition coming up so needed to sing a while.