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for Adult looking nsa NJ Englewood 7631 of Commissioner Kevin J. Content from the original version of the document such as headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, graphics, and s will not show up in this text version. All text attributes such as bold, italic, underlining, etc. Features of the original document layout such as columns, tables, line and letter spacing, pagination, and margins will not be preserved in the text version. If you need the complete document, download the Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat version. Entercom argues that, assuming the material was aired as set forth in the complaint, it is not indecent since Segment 1 does not depict or describe sexual or excretory activities or organs;5 Segments 2 and 3 are not patently offensive since both segments are either open to harmless, non-sexual interpretations or are presented in a non-explicit, non-indecent manner;6 and Segment 4 is presented in an oblique manner that lacks an unmistakable sexual meaning.

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Simultaneous talking. It's about life after death after lunch. But it might not be a bad idea nues be in good with the judge. This is starting to work.

There's three asses right in a row, all touching, all sticking up in the air. How to get any girl to have sex with you in 10 steps ]. Yes, you do.

Why do I just know? She's wearing a cowboy hat. With respect to the Indecency Policy Statement's first two factors, we find that the material reflected in Attachment A as Segment 4, a broadcast of a pornographic film actress being masturbated to orgasm on-air with a vibrator, dwells on descriptions of sexual activities in an extremely explicit and graphic manner.

Naked girl dirty talk.

Ronny, in fact, is the emcee, Ron Jeremy, for that thing. They have names, too, Bone, okay? Your wife, you know she's listening.

cynwyc Stand up. She's got a little mohawk. We also take this opportunity to reiterate our admonition which took place after the behavior at issue here that serious multiple violations of our indecency rule by broadcasters may well lead to the commencement of revocation proceedings, and that we may issue forfeitures for each indecent utterance in a particular broadcast.

Oh, yeah. And I don't care if she watches or not. She's gonna put her clothes on. For instance, the hosts and guest discuss the size of Mr.

Will you please take that out of my ass. Olivia from Temptations, thank you very much.

FCC, F. It's time to put them to the test, to find out which one is the best. He could do," you know, blah-blah- blah, he tells the whole story. April 29,Broadcast.

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You got to decide right now. Oh, hello! I hung out with him. Finally, the stations use the material to titillate, shock and pander to the stations' listeners.

Now, how tzlk it been as far as the movies go? I mean, three-input girl? You guys ready? Circert. I remember being on this show before; it was fun. We now turn to an analysis of whether the material in the four segments subject to this NAL satisfies the second prong of the Commission's two-part indecency analysis - that is, whether the broadcasts were patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium. It was in front of the Meadowlands, 18, people.

I got to tell you, Ron and I do the countdown. She's already started without you there, T. He's older and creepy.

And that's what yesterday's photo shoot was all about. I'm sorry.

Very impressive. In fact, throughout the entire segment, the hosts and guest describe one sexual encounter after another in graphic detail.


FCC v. To the tune of Can-Can. The Federal Communications Commission is authorized to radio and television broadcast stations and is responsible for enforcing the Commission's rules and applicable statutory provisions concerning the operation of those stations. Do nudds want me to pull on your hair just a little bit?

I mean, it's like, you know, sometimes there are other things. She wants to reach the big O apparently. Is that his real pecker, or is it hollow, like an Easter bunny? First, the material alleged to be indecent nudfs fall within the subject matter scope hala our indecency definition -- that is, the material must describe or depict sexual or excretory organs or activities. The revised amounts apply to violations that occur or continue after November 13, I mean, the sets are very friendly.